The Long Distance Phone Call
Urban legend:
An elderly woman, bed-ridden after her husbands death, receives strange
phone calls that turn out to be from the dead husband.

The Story:
An elderly women receives a phone call on a dark, stormy night. She
hears a moaning on the other end and a voice that sounds like her
recently deceased husband. The calls tormented her all night. The next
day, she asked her driver to take her past the cemetery here her
husband was laid to rest. They discovered that during the storm, a phone
line had fallen down.......and was laying on her dead husband's grave!
Were the phone calls she had received the night before made from
beyond the grave by her dead husband? Another variation of this has the
woman dying from shock in her bed after answering the phone call. Then,
when she is being taken to the cemetery it is discovered that the phone
line is laying on her husband's grave.

The legend has been told as having happened in various parts of the
United States but no true origins can be found.A version of this legend
showed up as an episode of the Twilight Zone on February 7th,1964,
called "Night Call."
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