Person Trapped In Cemetery           
Overnight Dies
Urban Legend:
A person makes a bet with their friends that they can spend the night in a cemetery and
is found dead in the morning in the arms of a graveyard statue.

What It's About:
A person makes a bet with a group of friends that he or she (more often it's a she)can
spend the night in the cemetery. The person is found dead in the morning, laying across
the arms of a large statue,usually of an angel with it's arms out-stretched. This legend
also included a statue of an old woman seated with her arms out-stretched, A woman
standing with her arms out-stretched. Variations on this are: as an initiation into a gang,
a fraternity or sorority or into a high school clique. The dead person is found dead with
no sign of injury or has also been found to be sitting on the lap of the seated statue with
crushed ribs presumably by the arms of the statue. But the end result is always the
same, the person is dead in the arms of the statue.

This legend has been told as having happened in various parts of the United States but
no true origins can be found.
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